Image depicting a badge for the CRN Mobility 100 awards, 2016

It takes some quality and value proposition to lead the competitive MDM marketspace. It takes even more to operate as not just a leading provider but also the coolest MDM brand out there. Codeproof understands the sensitive, hidden and psychological aspects associated with management and security of enterprise mobility. Codeproof uses technology to master these areas and empower organizations with superior control, security and management capabilities for every device connecting to their corporate network.

For this reason, CRN recently announced Codeproof among the Top 10 Coolest MDM Brands out there!

Codeproof is evolving as the leading MDM solutions provider by simplifying the complex compromise between employee satisfaction and security within a corporation. Here’s why Codeproof is the best choice in providing mobile device management for any enterprise:

BYOD No Longer a Threat

Many companies throughout the world distribute company-issued mobile devices to their employees as one way of reducing security risks outside of the company. While this often has been a policy for many corporations, Codeproof’s activation features render such differences between foreign and local devices completely ineffective. The MDM system is activated within the device as a completely private platform through simple verification steps and without the need for download-providing software like iTunes. Moreover, verification steps can ultimately increase and become stricter as per the requirements of your business or laws and regulations. As each user is introduced into the MDM system, a token-based authentication is required to add the first layer of security along with user agreements that help identify each mobile device as unique.

Dynamic Security

It is true that any device can be password protected just like any MDM system. Codeproof takes this to a whole new level by allowing administrators to set password complexities as well as authentication limitations. In addition to the encryption of data, Codeproof requires any mobile device to be password protected before using its management system which adds yet another layer of security. By providing its own secure environment inside a device, Codeproof prevents data loss through data back up in both the local and external environment.

Monitoring and Configuration

Codeproof makes a clear distinction between a user’s private data and corporate information, thus limiting device features when corporate data is being viewed. This configurations, and many more, are easily accessed and set up by administrators who can configure users based on geography, business unit, device use or group them internally. Because each device is unique, management and administration units also receive individual reports regarding the use of each device. Through monitoring, IT also provides support to employees’ devices that need troubleshooting regardless of the platform the device functions in.

Codeproof is known for its key features in security, integration and ease of configuration. It is able to integrate across any type of platform and any operating software and translate data into one whole MDM system. Its simplified management console provide real time data by platform, enrollment history or even compliance status. As a result, companies can feel safer than ever, and employees can introduce their personal devices into the company networks with ease.