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As the UEM/MDM/EMM industry is expected to grow in the next few years. Gartner has estimated that the adoption of Windows 10, Google Chrome OS, and Apple macOS will drive demand for unified endpoint management console in more than 70% of organizations by 2024. As a result, more and more questions continue to arise about the future of the industry. With the rise of working from home in the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, this trend shows no sign of abating.

At Codeproof, we firmly believe that great customer service is one of the key components to ensure great customer experiences.  While our UEM software itself is great, but our quick and accurate support makes our customers’ experience amazing. Our experience with small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) only reinforces our convictions regarding the importance of customer service. Here are a few reasons why we think great customer service in the UEM/MDM/EMM industry is paramount. 

Easing onboarding

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Our founding principle is “empowering businesses to achieve their highest potential.” Many IT Admins in SMBs are in the middle of upgrading their skills from traditional PC management to mobile management. The MDM world with its array of esoteric terminologies, its breadth of application across industries, and its platform agnosticism presents a learning curve in understanding mobile deployments within an enterprise. While they are onboarding their employees, IT Admins need to learn about device provisioning, configuring email profiles, VPN profiles, deploying apps etc.

Platforms also provide challenges. iOS and Android are quite different in terms of administration. This inevitably leads to questions about having the same effect across different platforms in a world where most workers have either Android or Apple devices.

In such cases, customers need a steady hand and solid customer support to guide them. For instance, our customers have questions regarding device restrictions, app deployment etc. Codeproof technical support engineers always teach customers how to do certain management tasks (policy change, app deployment) in an email with screenshot illustrations instead of making a change on behalf of our customers. In select circumstances, they are even willing to engage in impromptu Zoom calls to guide customers through the problem-solving process in real time. 

Simplifying IT management

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The level of tech-proficiency in a company can vary based on a number of factors, including size of the company, type of industry, and background of the individual. We have learned that SMB customers are either less tech savvy or overtaxed since they typically don’t have a dedicated IT person to manage the devices. It is also known that 54% of SMBs simply lack the time to train employees in new technologies.

In such a situation, they rely on reliable, fast customer support along with easy-to-use software to onboard themselves and their employees smoothly.  

Dealing with rapid change

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Mobile OS’ are changing rapidly. Android released Android Enterprise few years ago and changed the entire enterprise management landscape. Most recently, Android added 
zero-touch enrollment. Apple also adds new MDM policies in each OS upgrade. Most recently, the industry has started moving towards a passwordless sign-in model. For all these changes in a dynamic and complex space, we have to constantly communicate these changes to our customers, many of which can have a massive impact on their experiences of our product.

We have found that a personalized, high-touch approach to customer service provides the educational bridge to smoothly level-up an SMB’s service experiences. 

Customer loyalty pays off

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Good customer service speaks for itself and results in enthusiastic customers recommending a company’s product or service to others. A study shows that 30-40% of B2B customers will refer your company if their customer experience was an exceptional one. With our array of 9+ NPS scores, we are only too aware of the benefits of great customer service to the company.  

Single customers can be incredibly valuable

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B2B customer bases are smaller, and individual customer contracts can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. In a space where loyalty leads to repeat business, and repeat business leads to stability, customer service provides a competitive advantage unlike any other.